Daily Specials can bring a little more joy to your ultrasound appointment that is scheduled between 9am - 4pm
Monday - Wednesday only.

Monday Special

  • Free HD Live with any 3D/4D Ultrasound Package. ($35.00 Savings)

    HD Live is a High Definition 4D! The images are more of a flesh-tone color rather than the amber/sepia traditional 3D/4D color. HD Live is unlike anything you have seen in the prenatal imaging industry.

Tuesday Special

  • Free Photo Package included with any 2D or 3D Ultrasound Package ($10-$25 Savings!)

Wednesday Special

  • 2D Video clips (2-5) ($20.00 Savings)

  • 4D Video clips (2-5) $35.00 Savings)

    We promise to make every effort to obtain the best possible Video Clips.

Daily Specials cannot be combined with any other promotion (coupons or other discounts).

2D/3D Watch Me Grow packages and 2D Heartbeat Stuffed Animal do not qualify for Daily Specials

A redo visits cannot be scheduled if baby isn’t in a favorable position for any Daily Specials.