Benefits of Ultrasound

The Benefits of Ultrasound

There are numerous benefits to having ultrasounds during your pregnancy.
The benefits are not only for Mom, but for Dad, siblings, and extended family members as well.


Probably one of the most important benefits to having an ultrasound is the joy parents experience as they see the image of their baby for the very first time.


Ultrasounds have been proven to increase the bonding between Mom and her baby. Moms who have seen their unborn baby on ultrasound feel more connected to them and have a stronger sense of well-being and reassurance about their pregnancy.


Having ultrasounds typically result in an increased commitment to healthier prenatal behaviors such as improved diet, exercise, and even smoking cessation. The benefits don’t just apply to Mom. The journal of fatherhood suggests that seeing the first image of their baby, they start to feel connected and think about their baby more often. It becomes “real”.


Technology has come a long way to provide parents with exceptional 3D/4D/HD images of their unborn baby. Although dependent on how the baby is positioned within the womb, seeing his or her face is an awesome experience. 4D ultrasound has rocked the ultrasound world, so look out for that yawn or better yet, a smile!