Belly Cast

Belly Casting starting at $99

What Is Belly Casting?

A pregnancy belly cast is a plaster cast made of an mom’s pregnant form capturing her exact shape (A snapshot in time). What is unique about belly casts are that they give you a tangible 3D sculpture. Belly casts enable a mom to forever remember how she looked during her pregnancy and the special nine months she shared with her growing baby.  Also for your child to see what you looked like when they were inside you. We will get to know you a little bit before we start the process to get a feel on how you would like your cast designed to fit you and your baby’s personality.


  1. Line a belly-bowl shaped cast with sheepskin and take your baby/babies first photos in it
  2. Paint it completely gold, or a color which matches your nursery, attach an elegant ribbon, and hang it for display
  3. Have loved ones write messages all over it, for your baby/babies to see as they grow
  4. Decoupage photos, baby shower invites, newspaper announcements, or other personally meaningful symbols on it
  5. Mosaic it with colorful beads, tiles or mirrors
  6. Calligraph a prayer and gift it to someone trying to get pregnant for good luck
  7. Meditate as you paint a mandala on it 
  8. Print the baby/babies’ hand and/or footprints on it, or add the baby/babies’ name(s), weight(s), and birthdate
  9. Let your other child(ren) paint it
  10. Make the cast a center piece at your baby shower