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Postpartum Support Group

The Benefits of Support Groups for New and Expecting Mothers and Their Babies

Antenatal and postnatal experiences affect the development of babies, as well as their mothers and families. What occurs while bringing a baby into the world affects how the baby will function and how healthy it will be physically and psychologically.

This is true also for the mother carrying the baby. Support groups for new and expecting mothers can be very beneficial by decreasing stress and reducing postpartum depression in mothers. By attending support groups, mothers are able to develop and strengthen relationships amongst their family members and their peers, improving social well-being which improves the overall health of themselves and their babies.

How Support Groups Work

For many expecting mothers or new first-time mothers, the change in daily life can be a heavy burden. Many women enjoy motherhood, however the journey can be a hard one. By being part of a support group, women are able to talk to their peers who are in similar situations. Support groups are a great option for women who wish to increase social interaction in their lives in order to get through the big changes in their lives that they are experiencing.

The topics vary weekly, but for expecting mothers, they can include matters such as changes experienced during pregnancy, relationships with family members and friends, body image, planning for the birth, coping strategies, mood, etc. Stressors and worries, such as the health of the child and decisions regarding raising the child, often persist even after birth. These support groups aim to promote bonding between the new baby and parents, improve maternal mental health, and measure infant development. This type of support group helps to build a solid, close-knit support network for new and expecting mothers.