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2D / 3D / 4D Packages and Pricing | Babies and Bellies

2D / 3D / 4D Packages and Pricing

2D/3D/4D/HD Ultrasound Packages

We welcome you, your family, and your loved ones to experience the joy of seeing your baby for the first time in the comfort of our family friendly ultrasound room. Our ultrasound room is comfy and cozy and can accommodate groups up to 10 people. We even have an adjoining overflow area for those extra large families. There are multiple TV screens to ensure everyone will get a glimpse of your tiny miracle.
All of our ultrasounds are preformed by experienced, caring professional medical sonographers. Our ultrasound equipment is the best in the industry and produces extraordinary image clarity.
We now offer HDLive ultrasound, the latest and greatest in ultrasound technology! Prepare to be amazed!

- Black & White Photos (5) (2"x3") $10.00
- Color Photos (2) (4"x6") $10.00
- CD of Images $10.00
- Link of Images $10.00
- 2D Video clips (2-5) $20.00
- 4D Video clips (2-5) $35.00
- 8.5"x11" Collage or Wallets $20.00
- Gender Reveal Products $10.00 +
- 13"x19" Collage $25.00
- Heartbeat Stuffed Animal $35.00
- Heartbeat Recorder $15.00
- Baby Weight $10.00
- Picture Frames $20.00+
- Gift Certificates ******

Return Policy

You and your family are our #1 priority. We will work hard to capture the best images possible of your baby, however, due to many factors, it's not always a guarantee that your baby will be in a favorable position to allow us to capture those images. If your baby is not in a favorable position we may have you walk around or perhaps drink some juice or eat a snack and see if that prompts the baby to move. If we are unable to capture any images of your baby, we will happily offer you a complimentary return visit within one week of your original appointment.

Factors that may prevent the sonographer from getting perfect images:

- Anterior placenta
- Position of the baby (breech, looking down, or at moms back)
- Obesity
- Murky/hazy amniotic fluid
- Low amniotic fluid

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